Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Same soup every day? No thanks!

Editorials: Same soup every day?< No thanks!

A friend of mine working as a senior exec at a marketing company recently suggested me to focus on a more specific genre in order to strengthen our positionning. I asked him: “Would you stand being served the same soup every day?” He responded: “No way!”. I said: “Fair enough, then why the hell would you us like to be doin’ so?!?” Music, food, whatever… Same soup everyday? No thanks!

Same soup every day? No thanks!As far as I can remember, I never stood barriers of any sorts. Nor whatever could stand as a closed door, and this for the simple reason that it’s meant to be open whenever we want. I mean, we’re all supposed to know how it feels to be like reduced in a confined space, right? The same as a matter of fact as to how we end up feeling when stuck in the same area. Dressed with the same clothes, day after day and whatsoever…
To such an extend, I’ve always been somehow admirative of those who’ve dared breaking the boundaries, but also what happened to be commonly admitted as conventions, when not rules. As so many of them have shown how they could be the shortcut to stagnation, when not obscurantism under certain latitudes.

Humanity would certainly not have progressed the way it had without challenging countless preconceived ideas. From Galileo who braved the proclaimed Word Of God when saying the Earth wasn’t flat but a globe. To people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein. Or Wernher von Braun who is considered one of the “Fathers of Rocket Science”. With the same applying to art forms such as writing (Jules Vernes, Aldous Huxley. Comic strip (Hergé). Cinema (Pierre Boule). Painting (Picasso). Photography (Andy Warhol). Fashion (Jean-Paul Gaultier) and the list goes on…

Interviewed about the reasons why he kept on breaking the codes along with time, the latter said in substance that it was his nature to do so. As he always enjoyed comin’ up with new ideas, as opposed to a conservatism that’s been around for about 20 years in his discipline, due to the ongoing corporatism of the industry. Quoting the Punk era as a key period in the evolution of our societies.
And no doubt as to how the things would show since how he was right. From the birth of the memorable Do It Yourself, to the admission of the freedom of abortion among other thingds…

Music made no exception, illustrating the creativity of geniuses such as Terry Riley, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk. Not to mention Miles Davis, James Brown, Gil Scott-Heron, Fela Kuti, Derrick May, or Larry Heard. In other words, all of those who’ve contributed reshaping the contemporary music along with time.
So back to the initial question of this reflection, focussing on one specific genre would just be like forbidding ourselves to look at shops while walking on the streets for the sole reason that it would be a waste of time. But this would result in no other than drastically restricting our horizon. And therefore loosing the whole scope of what music that surrounds us is about, wherever it may be coming from…

I don’t want condamn myself eating burgers every day, and I seriously doubt you would ever like to be doin’ so, would you??? Same soup every day? No thanks!

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