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Secret Lovers – Do Me Right (Bottom Line)

Lost but not least! Secret Lovers – Do Me Right (Bottom Line Records)

The repertoire of Bottom Line Records hapenned to most likely be the result of a talented team around keyboards player and label manager Edward ‘Ed The Red’ Goltsman. In other words, Nancy Goltsman, Pedro Herrera and Barbara Gooding. Both of them responsible for somehow underrated although real killer jams by the beginning of the nineties. Beginning with Romance‘s I’Want To Get To Know You Better’ on Jump Street. But also Barbara Dixon‘s ‘Wanna Be Your Lover’ and Devastating‘s ‘Tell Me What’ on Bottom Line Records. The latter featuring on the 1992 titled titled ‘The Bottom Line’ compilation, along with Secret Lovers‘ ‘Do Me Right’.

‘Do Me Right is certainly one of the most solid grooves one may ever think of. Built on killer synth lines over an infectious rumblin’ bassline with powerful vocals out of a dialogue seeing a woman responding to a man. ‘Do Me Right’… Secret Lovers pretty much did it. Never heard of this? Check it then and let us know what you think…

Born in the USSR, Ed The Red, who’s real name is Edward Goltsman, immigrated to the USA in 1979 as a teenager. He had been studying piano and voice since age 6 and went to Berklee College of Music once in America. By the 80’s he was working as a professional keyboard player with Jazz, Funk, Gospel and top 40 bands. He started producing and mixing in 1985. And in the next 5 years he placed tracks with countless labels. From Emergency Records to Active Records and Jump Street Records. Not to mention Sutra, Quark and Atlantic Records and others.

Ed started his own House Music label – Bottom Line Records – back in 1990. It quickly became a household name among the lovers of deep, soulful, jazzy, Garage house music. Most of the tracks on the label were produced by Ed The Red and Nelson ‘Paradise’ Roman. Ed nevertheless signed several cuts from other producers. From Lenny Fontana, Reggie and Ronald Burrell to T-Solomon. But also Harry Soto and George Morel to name a few.

In 2016, Ed, who now resides in Florida, decided it was (about) time to reactivate Bottom Line Records. 2017 looks like a big break out year with many new releases on the shelves. Beginning with Ed The Red feat. Troy Nichols‘ ‘Love Amore’, somehow takin’ on where Secret Lovers left back in the day with ‘Do Me Right’…

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