Thursday, September 21, 2017

Shakatak: Down on the street this Saturday at Nell’s Jazz & Blues!

Shakatak LiveNo need to be doing the headlines and be signed on a major label to keep on being alive and kicking. Shakatak‘s secret? First and foremost, the pleasure to keep on jamming together, but also their obvious ability to create music with a mainstream appeal although maintaining an underground edge, allowing them to both maintain a strong fan base (they started back in 1980) while grabbing a new audience along with time…
An attitude which sounds like natural from them since day 1, whenever coming to listen to the main chapters of a 30 years + history that made them to be who they are. In other words: ‘Easier Than Said Done’, ‘Night Birds’, ‘Watching You’, ‘Down On The Street’ and ‘Day By Day’ (along with Al Jarreau) to name but a few. Not to mention the memorable ‘Change Your Mind’ that saw the group’s keyboardist Bill Sharpe exploring electronic horizons with New Wave singer Gary Numan in 1985…
Livin’ outside UK has obviously not been of a big help for me to keep on being updated with the band’s recent activities, and there’s nothing else I can do but apologize for this. Nevertheless, I can’t tell how glad I got when listening to Mi-Soul and hearing Sharpe talkin’ about a Shakatak live performance this Saturday at London Nell’s Jazz & Blues over an excerpt of ‘Down On The Street’.

Shakatak Live at Nell’s Jazz & Blues, this Sat. Nov. 07, 2015, doors opening at 07:00pm BT. Jill Saward (vocals, percussion, flute), Bill Sharpe (Keyboards), Roger Odell (drums), Greg Anderson (bass) – Nell’s Jazz & Blues: 3 North End Crescent, London W148TG (nearest tube: West Kensington). [More info…]
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