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Shalamar – Slow Dance (Spectra Music Group)

Tennerz: Shalamar – Slow Dance (Spectra Music Group)

“Does anybody slow dance anymore?”. A quick look back in the day shows us how this isn’t the case anymore since the mid-80’s. At a time when slow dance got dropped from being played in the clubs. With this resulting in a drastic loss of Dance Music’s social role as a matter of fact…

This is exactly what Jody Watley and her new group partners are about. Delivering this lascivious groove and therefore bringing the then Reloaded Shalamar to a dimension. The production is upperclass. And so are the arrangements, displaying the obvious vocal talent of new comer Nate Allen Smith who joined her along with renowned choregrapher Rosero McCoy.

A promising debut most likely bringing us in a position to ask for some encore… You don’t wanna miss this. Do you?

Last time we heard of Shalamar brings us back to some 25 years ago. This would be with ‘Wake Up’. An album which featured almost everyone expect the ones who’d significantly contributed to establish the group as a major force in the Disco/R&B scene by the end of the 70’s and the first half of the 80’s! In other words, Jeffrey Daniel, Howard Hewett and Jody Watley. And the reason for that was quite simple. As Shalamar in the spirit of its creators – the late Soul Train producer Don Cornelius and even more SOLAR CEO Dick Griffey – was not a band. But first and foremost a trademark!

Becoming the legal registered owner of the brand though not without challenge a few months ago, Jody Watley has decided to reload Shalamar. And this, with a new single – ‘Slow Dance’ along with two new partners. Strange as to how the process seems the same as the one which gave birth to Shalamar back in 1976. With Rosero McCoy (a renowned choregrapher) takin’ the role of Jeffrey Daniel. And Ohio-born singer Nate Allen Smith already showing an impressive maturity despite being a new comer.

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