Tue. Dec. 18, 2018

Shazz feat. Ken Norris – Innerside (Universal Soul Mix)

Lost but not least! Shazz feat. Ken Norris – Innerside (Universal Soul Mix) (Yellow Productions)

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Didier Delesalle, aka Shazz, first appeared back in 1992 along with St Germain on Fnac Music Dance Division. Therefore standing among those who, so to say, opened the ball for what was to be known as the French Touch by the end of the 90’s. Blending elements of Soul, Jazz and eventually Blues (cf. the memorable ‘Back In Manhattan’ on F-Communications)… He most likely contributed givin’ an alternative Deep House feel to a French production obviously geared towards a funkier, rockier and more electronic based sound. Sharing the duties with artists such as Playin’ 4 The City, Next Evidence and Franck Roger.

Featuring the vibrant Ken Norris on vocals over jazzy keys courtesy of Alexander Destrez… This Universal Soul Mix of ‘Innerside’ stands as a timeless must have. Even though it came to see the light some 17 years ago already…

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