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Skyy – Let’s Celebrate (Salsoul Records)

Classics: Skyy – Let’s Celebrate (Salsoul Records)

“Let’s celebrate, Loving each other, needing each other…” A simple statement applying to so many different circumstances, as a matter of fact. Therefore makin’ it universal. Of course, in the context of this song, the first idea coming to mind is the one of a couple relationship. But how not to think neither of the current period with all the festive gatherings in perspective? And, last but not least, of the pleasure the artists (singers, musicians, producers) obviously had while jammin’ on this killer groove???

Some pieces of music happen to stand as an evidence. And it’s definitely the case when speakin’ of ‘Let’s Celebrate’. It’s most likely infectious just because of everything displayed at the right place and time. Easier said than done though. This, as a result, making the difference between the talent and the average, when not the mediocrity… And even more considering the release date of this track, bringing us back to the early 80’s!

‘Let’s Celebrate’ just has everything of a stand out cut. And this, even more than 30 years after its release. Producers Randy Muller and Solomon Roberts, Jr. have first and foremost created the right balance in terms of arrangements. A balance which perfectly highlights the contrasts of its progression. And, in the meantime of its construction, with an intoxicating rhythm guitar part player over a rumbling bassline. But also a balance which leaves the ideal space for the vocals to come to another dimension…

Music is just a matter of taste which some have and others don’t. And the same applies to talent. Then, the notion of work engendering the necessary experience will come after. As, unlike too many of us tend to think, nothing comes out of a single click! And this is probably why we’ll keep on talking about pieces like ‘Let’s Celebrate’ as time goes.

You just wouldn’t read a badly formulated story. You just wouldn’t enjoy a badly crafted food recipe. Would you? So how could it ever be different when speakin’ of music?

Born in Brooklyn, NY in the 70’s. From the reunion of Anibal “Butch” Sierra, Gerald Lebon, Tommy McConnell, Larry Greenburg, Denise Dunning Wilkinson, Bonnie Dunning Williams and Delores Dunning Milligan. But also producer Solomon Burke, Jr. soon after joined by keyboardist/flautist Randy Muller. Skyy (known as New York Skyy in the UK) dropped 7 albums on Salsoul Records, with their biggest success from this period being ‘Call Me’. Meanwhile, they left a bunch of extra gems also quite worth the listen. From ‘This Groove Is Bad’ to ‘First Time Around’. Not to mention ‘Here’s To You’, ‘Let’s Celebrate’, ‘Skyyzoo’ and ‘Show Me The Way’.

They briefly switched to Capitol Records after Salsoul Records ceased its activities, therefore releasing the 1986 album – ‘From The Left Side’ – which featured ‘Givin’ It (To You)’. They nevertheless would get stronger exposure 3 years later with their before last album, ‘Start Of A Romance’ on Atlantic, successively with its title track and ‘Real Love’.

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