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How we became slave to the technology…

Editorials: How we became slave to the technology…

Breaking News! Due to the thinning out of resources, the governments of the most industrialized countries of the world have commonly decided to proceed to regular power breakdowns until further notice…

How we became slave to the technology...Of course, this is pure sci-fi as of now. But what if this was to happen one day or another? Which consequences would this ever have on each of us’s life?
Back in the day, one could read a book at night while burning a candle. But what about today, with the majority of us relying on a more and more sophisticated (virtual) environment one day after another? Chances are great that the consequences would be seen as catastrophic. And this because we’ve all become so dependent on the tools we’re using. In other words, because we let ourselves, like it or not, becoming slave to the technology.

Be it a device, a program, whatever… Almost anything is conceived with the idea of being outdated as quickly as possible. This therefore bringing us into the obligation to keep on consumming in order to keep on being up-to-date. But also creating like a feeling of regular frustration. Who’s the one of us who never felt like his/her own world had collapsed when in the unability to log in to his/her fav network? When brought to the obligation of updating a running system synonymous with the redefinition of an environment? But also the loss of facilities available from his/her previous environment??? Not to mention the possible mistakes such a situation might generate. And I’m most likely thinking of a bad line of code able to destroy the proper running of a website!

We decide to buy a product, therefore figuring it covers our needs, to soon after realizing we need an extension to do so. And the cycle seems to have no limit, increasing the feeling of dependence. I already think of some of you argueing it’s the proper of progress. But the result speaks for itself, synonymous with continuous instability at the end. This is pretty much what happened to us a few days ago as a matter of fact. A recent update in the system we’re using bringing us in the incapacity to share anything on the social networks. Therefore putting us in the obligation to neutralize it for the time being.

As already said on these shores, the proper of progress is allow us to do things that would have been impossible not so long ago. And how could we ever deny this? But at which price? The one of having become slave to technology and its ever evolving process. With some of us reduced to the rank of second class citizens, as recently explained by Josh Milan.. And I’m most likely thinking of the artists who’ve seen a consequent part of their finances transferred to the streaming platforms. When not to a bunch of websites offering illegal downloads in exchange of doubtuous advertisings of all sorts!

Quite strange to notice as to how the record labels, beginning with the major ones, have let the situation developping itself. As if unable, unless not in the will, to come up with at least a possible antidote. And this is just an example among many other ones. With the numerization process due to kill countless extra jobs, meanwhile creating new ones.

Like it or not, and unless deciding to be living in a desert island, nothing will ever change this. With each of us most likely condamned to follow the vibe. To become more and more dependent of what we use to call evolution, therefore making each of us a slave to the technology!

As usual, we’re pretty much inclined to hear your feelings about this matter…

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