Thursday, September 21, 2017

Soul II Soul – Keep On Movin (10 Records)

Initially a sound system, Soul II Soul, a collective made of Jazzie B OBE, Nellee Hooper and Philip Daddae Harvey, managed to so to say redraw an already way too sophisticated R&B production, with a unique harmonic and somehow minimalized blend of deep vibes inherited from Philadelphia Soul, Disco, Reggae and Hip-Hop. Cleverly enough, they would recruit some of the most beautiful voices around. Ie. Rose Windross, Chicago House diva Kym Mazelle and Caron Wheeler, scoring with the latter two of their biggest classics under the form of ‘Back To Life’ and the aforementioned.
She would soon after leave them though to embark on a solo career, herself delivering gems such as ‘I Adore You’ on the ‘Mo’ Money’ OST, ‘UK Blak’ and ‘Blue’ (Is The Color Of Pain)’.
She is rumored to be currently working on new material…

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