Saturday, August 19, 2017

South Beach Recycling – Second Wave EP (Midnight Riot Records)

Unklike their name may suggest, South Beach Recycling have nothing to do with Miami. As a matter of fact, this pair is hailing from the Bronx, made of twin brothers Sergio and Rosi Fernandez which the lucky of you who’ve attended the Southampton Common People festival may have seen spinning back on May, 24 this year.
These two guys have obviously a huge knowledge of music judging by some ultra underrated pieces of music they may be recycling, operating retouches via a judicious use of loops and scalpel expert re-editing work.
As a result, and despite some heavy research work, I gotta humbly admit havin’ no clue as to where some of the original recordings they reworked are comin’ from, with your suggestions being more than welcome!!!
What I could say though is that this 5 tracker is an absolute goldmine, from the Afro Funk fueled ‘Sanisha’ to the Latin jazzy funk Disco ‘Still U Know’ in the caliber of productions of people such as Azymuth or The LTG Exchange. But also ‘Independent’, much reminding of Ashford & Simpson‘s ‘Stay Free’ (Holy Grail, I’ve found at least one of them!) and the Disco infectious ‘Get Up Off Ya Feet’ bringing back to the souvenir of gems from Patrick Adams or Jessie G, although it’s the Doug King and Nick Martinelli produced ‘Everybody Here Must Party’ by the likes of Direct Current released back in 1979 on Disco Philly-based label Tec Records …

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