Thursday, September 21, 2017

Starpoint – He Wants My Body (Elektra)

This Beat Is Mine! Starpoint – He Wants My Body (Elektra)

So many feelings coming to my mind when listening to this song which I recently discovered. I was havin’ a break in Florida with my girlies when we got to a private party. The DJ who obviously knew his thing drove us into like a trance from a track to another, eventually bringing us to Disco/Funk at some point. I can’t remember anything like this. I mean everybody around was like into it, and nothing could seem to stop this. We were just havin’ like the time of our life and it felt like anything could happen.

Coming up as the icing on the cake, ‘He Wants My Body’ perfectly captured the feeling. Both with its in yer face lyrics and frenetic melody. We were dancing like mad getting the boys chasing around. I couldn’t help myself asking the DJ about the title of this track soon after.

Now when thinking of this, I just remember the good time me and my girls had. And I wish there would be more parties like this as opposed to be hearing the same kind of thing all nite long.

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