Monday, October 23, 2017

Summer Break: back for more soon!

Summer BreakSummer Break… An interval that means the world to each of us! And even more after an extensive period of work such as we’ve had here on Indamixworldwide over the last months. Dedicating most of our time inbetween putting out new and refreshing old publications. When not working on new facilities on the site.

Mind you, we migrated from a platform to another a bit more than a year ago. And there are still a bunch of things we want to improve to make your experience even better on these shores. But we, unless proven the contrary, are only left with 24 hours a day. Aren’t we? So useless to say how we need to take advantage of this reputedly less active period. Away from the redundant pressure of our daily work for some time. And therefore with the necessary space to hopefully put the final touch to our ongoing maintenance work. Beginning with our revamped Top 10 page…

We won’t remain totally silent though with a few bits N bobs to be appearing now and then. Not to mention some reminders of things we posted which we’ll share on the social networks on a regular basis. Besides, if ever inclined to spend some time on these shores, chances are great you’ll find something to tickle your curiosity. From our interviews to our series of 10 essentials. Not to mention a consistent amount of reviews. Including our Most Wanted section for those of you chasing hard to find tunes. Meanwhile, expect extra killing pieces of music to feed your appetites when we’re back in full effect. Differently said, this might be a Summer break, but it will most likely be a break for more on many aspects. With your suggestions, as usual more than welcome…

Before leavin’, we would like to warmly thank you for your regular visits and inputs. Wishin’ you and yours the most beautiful Summer you might think of. With your postcards (messages) greatly appreciated too. Meanwhile, here’s ours to you with these 10 essential Summer jams in the series.

Peace, luv N respect!

Editorials: Summer break: back for more soon

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