Wed. Jun. 20, 2018

Sweat Pea Atkinson – Dance Or Die (ZE Records)

Sweet Pea Atkinson happened to share the vocal duties along with Harry Bowen, later joined by Donald Ray Mitchell, as a member of Detroit Electronic/Funk combo Was (Not Was). Together they’re responsible for gems such as ‘Out Come The Freaks’, ‘Spy In The House Of Love’ and ‘Walk The Dinosaur’, in a style described by Detroit’s Metro Times as “an endearing mess… a sausage factory of Funk, Rock, Jazz and Electronic Dance Music, all providing a boogie-down backdrop for a radical (and witty) political message of unbridled personal freedom and skepticism of authority.”
Atkinson would eventually release a solo album – ‘Don’t Walk Away’ – back in 1982 along with Was (Not Was) at the production, the lead single of which being the explosive ‘Dance Or Die’, built on a blend Electronic Funk vibes with a heavy Rock guitar solo…

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