Sat. Nov. 17, 2018

Some of the most sought after jams in the record industry

Gwen McCrae – 90% Of Me Is You

Wed. Nov. 07, 2018 indamixworldwide 0

Gwen McCrae bringin’ the Clarence Reid and Steve Alaimo 1973 smooth funky soul produced ‘90% Of Me Is You’ for Vanessa Kendrick to the next level the year after. Thus pretty much turnin’ it into one of her signature songs. One word: masterpiece! [Read More…]

Elkin & Nelson – Jibaro (Enrolle) (Long Version)

Sat. Oct. 27, 2018 indamixworldwide 0

Colombian brothers Javier and Leon Marin Velez aka Elkin & Nelson delivering their most famous gem by the likes of the Latinesque jazzy/funk ‘Jibaro’ back in 1974. A cut nowadays counting among the biggest Balearic classics, it got given an unacknowledged cover version 14 years after by transient British outfit Electra on FFRR… [Read More…]

New York City – I’m Doin Fine Now (Remix)

Tue. Oct. 16, 2018 indamixworldwide 0

New York City (the band) leavin’ their name in History back in 1973 with the memorable ‘I’m Doin’ Fine Now’. A cut which The Pasadenas brought to extra recognition with their 1991 cover version of it. With Tom Moulton givin’ it an extended mix 40 years after its original release… [Read More…]

The Sisters Love – Give Me Your Love

Thu. Oct. 11, 2018 indamixworldwide 0

The Sisters Love takin’ on soon after where Curtis Mayfield left. This with their outstanding cover version of the blooming ‘Give Me Your Love’ with production work courtesy of Gloaria Jones and Paul Riser. That happened back in 1972 and this gem is still rockin’… [Read More…]

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