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The B. B. & Q. Band – All Night Long

Classics: The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band – All Night Long (Capitol Records)

Question: What do Change (who would be for much in the recognition of the late Luther Vandross), High Fashion, Zinc and The B.B. & Q. Band have in common? A unique (signature) sound which Mauro Malavasi and Davide Romani put together with the help of executive producer Jacques Fred Petrus. A sound that would compete for supremacy at the time along with the one of Chic

‘All Night Long (She’s Got The Moves I Like)’, the opening cut to their 1982 album of the likes, gathers countless luminaries. From Alyson Williams to Fonzi Thornton. Not to mention Leroy Burgess and Tawatha Agee in the backing vocals to name a few. It somehow marks an evolution in its producers’ sound while putting a complex blend of synths to the forefront. A change one can feel as feel on the blowing ‘Imagination’, from the same album.

The end of the 70’s saw the establishment of a new team en route for worldwide recognition in the Disco/Funk circuit. On one hand, Jacques Fred Petrus, a French West Indies native who would act as an executive producer. And on the other, Mauro Malavasi, an Italian musician, songwriter, arranger and producer who crafted their sound in his Bologna-based studio.
They started their collaboration back in 19878. Delivering no less than two albums. Respectively for Macho and Peter Jacques Band. With both of them in a typical Italian Disco vein.

1980 marked a big change for them artistically speaking. This with the arrival of Change‘s ‘The Glow Of Love’ album. An album which saw them defining a new standard and, in the meantime, a signature sound in the Disco/Funk circuit. It also brought Luther Vandross to the first league with gems such as its title track and ‘Searching’.

The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band, which we also remember as The B.B. & Q Band, followed the year after. Borrowing the same concept. In other words, with American singers and musicians most likely recording Stateside. Meanwhile, Mauro Malavasi would do the production work in his studio in Bologna.

The B.B. & Q. Band featured countless luminaries. From Luther Vandross would eventually delivered backing vocals on their first album to Fonzi Thornton. Not to mention Tawatha Agee and Curtis Hairston who joined the band in 1986.

They released 4 albums between 1981 and 1986 with Malavasi co-producing 3 of them. Meanwhile coming up with gems such as ‘On The Beat’, most likely their biggest classic. But also ‘Imagination’ and ‘All Night Long’. Not to mention ‘Starlette’, although to a lesser extend.
Their last opus – ‘Genie’ – seeing them working with producer Kae West. And, in the meantime, going for an electro synth driven sound somehow reminding of Jam & Lewis. This resulting in extra gems such as ‘Genie’ and ‘Dreamer’.

An accusation of tax evasion by the US Internal Revenue Service hit Petrus back in 1986. As a result, he put his activities on hold and fled to his native Guadeloupe. He got shot a few months after, in the late Spring of 1987, reportedly by a Swiss man whom he’d had a dispute with a few hours before at his owned club L’Elysée Matignon in Le Gosier…

As for Curtis Hairston, he sadly died from kidney failure on Jan. 18, 1996 at the age of 34.

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