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The O’Jays – Don’t Let Me Down (Remix)

Lost but not least! The O’Jays – Don’t Let Me Down (Tony Humphries Mix) (EMI America)

The end of the 80’s marked quite a change for The O’Jays. Not only they signed on Capitol, therefore putting and end to a 15 years + liaison with Philadelphia International Records. But they also slightly changed their approach, flirting with R&B/Swing vibes.

Opening their ‘Emotionally Yours’ album released back in 1991, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is without a doubt an unsung treasure from them. And even more on its vibrant remix courtesy of Tony Humphries.
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– Fellow high school students Eddie Levert, Walter Williams, Bobby Massey, Walter Powell and Bill Isles first sang together as The Triumphs then The Mascots in the early 60’s. They would get their final name as a tribute to Eddie O’Jay, a Cleveland-based DJ who helped them dropping their first release…

The O’Jays would reach their peak along with producers Gamble & Huff who signed them to their P.I.R. label in 1972. A liaison which led to countless classics. From ‘Love Train’ to ‘Backstabbers’ that same year. ‘Now That We Found Love’ and ‘For The Love Of Money’ in 1973. ‘Livin’ For The Weekend’,‘I Love Music’ and ‘Give People What They Want’ in 1975. And the list seems endless until the end of the 80’s when they switched to EMI America.

One of their ultimate tracks worth the listen being the vibrant ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ as remixed by Tony Humphries.

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