Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Politics Of Dancing #36: Back for more!

Back for moreThe ultra sophisticated technology led environment which has become ours along with time surely has its pros, but also has its cons, as in the capactity to get us out of the scope from a moment to another. This is pretty much what we’ve experienced during the weekend woth our computer system suddenly out of order and, as a direct consequence, the impossibility to ensure our editorial schedule.
No need telling you how the fact of being left with an unresponsive system last Friday has been quite of a shock and also a source of stress, leavin’ us in the impossibility to eventually let you know about our situation with a warning. And as if it was not enough, discovering that about 400 of our likers had disappeared from a day to another on our Facebook page was another one, speakin’ of which we have no explanation…
At least, this has given us the opportunity to do a major Spring cleaning (with a bit of advance though)and come back to you with a brand new system which we had to readjust from A to Z, then get the time to make ourselves familiar with.

We’re (now) back for more, as it’s the best response we’ve found as a reward for your growing support from a week to another, which we once again deeply thank you for…
Blending the genres the way we do, as opposed to focus on a specific direction like so many other platforms do nowadays, is quite a tough challenge, with the continuous risk to annoy some of you while pleasing the others and vice-versa. But this is just about the concept which has been ours since the launch of the first version of Indamixworldwide back in 2002, considering music as a whole as opposed to a myriad of microniches, and therefore puttin’ ourselves in the position to hopefully provide you with a wider perspective. And God knows how there’s so much to do to deliver a decent if not complete coverage of what’s goin’ on.

Quality could certainly not be confined to a specific genre, no more than another, as our global acceptance is first and foremost the result of a feeling, itself being the consequence of an initial perception. And rest assured we won’t miss an opportunity to give the necessary exposure to what we think as being in the position to catch your interest, wherever it may be coming from. Leavin’ you with the words of the late Miles Davis: “Good music is good, no matter what kind of music it is…”

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