Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Politics Of Dancing #39: So what da fuss?!?

What da fussOf course, words need to be chosen to express an idea, but how doin’ it the most precisely as possible, after the use of countless overestimated terms for so long? As a matter of fact, the progressive impoverishment of the language we use has heavily contributed to the loss of the sense of values and the same oughtta be said about most of the music currently around…

We have been heavily said that the vinyl format was due to disappear one day or another, being explained here and there that its poor sales found their explanation in the arrival of the digital. Quite ironical somehow whenever noticing the amount of money some people are still ready to pay in order to get certains pieces of music. And when I’m speaking about pieces of music, I mean music with signification, judging by the works of its creators.
True, you might see here and there a contemporary production going from a hand to another for a US$ 150 note, but this is rather due to its unavailability at the time like back in 2004 for example with the memorable only Japan released ‘Like A Sunshine‘ by Pushim as remixed by Louie Vega. But although far from criticising the quality of the aforementioned, I have to say that it remained light years away from the selling price of some references which sometimes could go up to 10 times higher!!! And if it has sometimes had to do with the hype caused by their inclusion on a compilation or their sampling on what was to become a hit soon after – like what happened to Chicago’s ’Street Player’ as used by Kenny Dope with The Bucketheadz – you might also find names which would sound obscure for a vaste majority of us, although having an equal status if not much higher like that ‘Bahama Soul Stew’ song from Funky Nassau memorabily made available at some Swedish seller for US$ 1,300 on a… 7inch format!!! So what da fuss?
Well, it’s not only because of their rarity, although it’s clear that those good ol’ vinyls are to become harder to find from a year to another, but first of all because of their inner sense which made them cross the periods while sounding as fresh as by their release date. Yes folks, you’ve heard it : the sense and subsequently the signification!!!
Rock & roll to me has never sounded so interesting as when used as a tool to signify a resistance, and I gotta say that this applies to any form of music, be it Afrobeat with Fela, funk with the Bar-Kays, Reggae with Bob Marley or soul with Marvin Gaye to name but a few. And you know why? Because those people have managed to be the true witnesses of their times, expressing with no compromission what they thought as needed to be said in order to contribute makin’ the world better, which is nothing but what we need at the end of the day. Don’t we???

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