Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Politics Of Dancing #40: Let’s just call a spade a spade!

Call a spade a spade!To be honest, I can’t help myself being pretty much pissed off with the way things have been running along with time. With many of them, responsible for the current situation of the record industry as a matter of fact…
True, the Americans would be the very first to format their radio stations, getting them into three categories: Urban (R&B/Hip-Hop), Rock and Country, but what about the other genres???
True, it’s always good to see some of our heroes being honored, but whatever do people like Michael Jackson, James Brown and countless others have to do with the reputed Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame??? And even more speaking of a genre which hasn’t been rolling anymore for what seems already like an eternity!!!
Could it ever be because there are not enough talented acts coming from the Rock scene? That the ones in charge of these inductions are in need of so to say extra substance to justify their existence and keep on makin’ noise around them??? That they eventually didn’t want to create like Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz and the list goes on Hall of Fames??? Whatever reason it might be, this to me stands as nothing but manipulation if not duplicity at the end…

To some similar extend, why wouldn’t we have Urban, therefore regrouping both R&B and Hip-Hop, when coming to talk about Awards, and leave space for categories like Soul Music which is still alive, be it in different forms? And why are most likely House Music and other underground expression forms rated as Electro which is already a genre in itself???
So ironical when these last 20 years have seen the emergence of so many different genres such as Trip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Neo-Soul, Nu-Jazz, Broken Beat… It’s just as if French, Italian or Spanish foods where rated under the European category!!! This is at the end so reducive, simplistic, and such a non-sense for alternative music, don’t you think???
Let’s just all be honest once for all and call a spade a spade!

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