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Procrastination: the evil of the century?!?

Procrastination: the evil of the century?!?Procrastination is the word applying to a more or less common tendency which is ours of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus postponing reputedly scheduled things to a later time, and more frequently the extreme limit, when not to never at the end. But why do we procrastinate at the end?
Procrastination… We most likely do it for various reasons. When we feel like a task is kinda boring, when we think we don’t have all the skills to undertake it, when we just like lack motivation, when we fear failure, or eventually success at times, when not as a reaction of rebellion…

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday”, said Don Marquis. To such an extend, it is to say how such an attitude may have bad consequences on a short/middle term in an environment seeing us dealing with a daily flow of sollicitations of all sorts, but also in the position to be able to interract with everybody regardless their geographical position.
Wherever we may be livin’, whatever we may be doin’, “Procrastination is like a credit card”, said Christopher Parker. “It’s a lot of fun until you get the bill…’ Coz’ always comes the time when we all have to face the reality, as opposed to figure it’s the other’s responsability/fault whenever something hasn’t been done.

I somehow have to admit I’m fully responsible for the time elapsed between the moment I’ve stopped and the one I’ve relaunched it. I’d spent almost a couple of years learing orgramming languages such as php, xhtml, css, javascript on a test site I’d built, going from unceasingly updating the WordPress version I was using to updating the plugins I had added and so forth until the time I got fed up with this unceasing process. But as a result, I’ve lost some precious time, finding myself countless reasons to not get back to it, even though I knew deep inside of me there was no other solution to come up with the tool that would allow me to do my job.

The best solution to overcome procrastination is to begin by being aware. Noticing what we’re avoiding and eventually why, but also be honest with ourselves while admitting we’ve done so. And it’s even worse whenever our attitude may affect the others’s progression regarding a reputedly common project.
We all have to face reality at a moment or another and be conscious of the fact that nothing comes out of nothing. That what we’re goin’ to get at the end is nothing but the result of what we’ve been seeding on day after another.

Makin’ a decision, whatever we may be doin’ is synonymous with things to be done in order to achieve an action, to reach a destination, and it can be so surprising at the end looking at the mont of time we’ve spent worrying over a task that would only take an hour or two to be completed. Not to mention the fact that there’s hardly anything more gratifying than takin’up challenges one after another, don’t you think???
Life starts today… without delay!

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