Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Politics Of Dancing #44: Why can’t we live together???

Why Cant We Live TogetherAlthough there’s alas nothing new, I can’t help myself being shocked each time I’m fronted with events seeing some of my alter egos killed or injured for the sake of their supposedly differences, be they based on the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual orientation or whatsoever. And God knows how we may unfortunately see things like this happening every single day on our planet.
Of course, some of you might object that it’s not the purpose of this platform to talk about this kind of subject, but these tragedies are nothing but the consequence, on a wide scale, of the behavior of a so many of us remaining, consciously or not, under the power of preconceived ideas, beginning with the one expressed as an introduction to this sentence.

True, we’re supposed to be talking about music, but as far as I humbly know, music is way from only being about shakin’ our asses, as beautiful as they may be, huh?
Music, to many of those who’ve got their names into history, has been embraced as a tool to express themselves about the state of the world, itself giving birth to art forms such as Blues, Soul, Reggae or Hip-Hop to name but a few along with time. And if ever considering that by being in the position to communicate such as the way we do on a (supposedly) wide scale is like havin’ a fragment of power, it’s then our responsability (if not duty) to react whenever we feel like we have to, regardless the bad reactions we may get, as long as it will contribute to hopefully make the world better…

No one is superior because of this or because of that. We’re all built the same, with our hopes and dreams but also with our fears and nightmares. With what makes our strength as our weakness. With the color of the blood flowing in our veins being the same: red!

No one is superior, but we’re all different, which makes the world so exciting as so diverse, and we’ve got so many to learn from each other and therefore become better as individuals.
This is pretty much the same as far as music is concerned, with emotion, intelligence, sense to be found everywhere, regardless the supposed genre, as long as we (just) open and therefore change our minds…

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