Monday, October 23, 2017

The Politics Of Dancing (vol. 10) – Could Music has become a function?

FunctionWell, frankly speaking, I might be tempted to agree, judging by the way, most of the tunes are currently put out nowadays on a mainstream scale. Preconceived formats in relation with the hype and current trends made for immediate profit, application of marketing techniques, etc… Seems like everything has been progressively done with the will to make us swallow almost the same kinda sh** at the same time on almost every part of the world, as if everything was made to be like THE answer to every moment of the day!!! This, alongside a vast majority of people that the record industry would like us to consider as (true) artists on top of it.
Well, as always, time will speak for itself, and I’m not too sure, if not quite doubtful about the fact they’ll be remembered in some 20 years period time the way names like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and the likes are nowadays. And the reason is quite simple: the latter had definitely something in their music that would make it becoming a message on its own, miles away from tons of those sample made constructions conceived by virtual clones who, without the assistance of the technology, wouldn’t be able to produce anything! This said, don’t get me wrong as I’m not saying that auto-proclaimed non-musicians don’t know how to make music, as brilliantly demonstrated by people like say German collective Jazzanova. But let’s not forget that music is first and foremost an expression of art, like painting or sculpture and that its existing main reason is to provide an emotion. So let me humbly ask you then: is emotion supposed to (also) be formatted and, if ever, are we supposed to react to it the same way???
I guess I’ll keep on listening to music as long as people will have the know how to touch my heart and soul as to give the greatest attention to these devoting themselves with the aim to make our world better while spreading positive vibes such as Love, Unity, mutual respect, understanding, not to mention charity causes. In other words, what I would call the noblest function on such circumstances with my sincerest props to them…

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