Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Politics Of Dancing (vol. 12) – Nothing is impossible!

No One Way StreetYou can’t figure how encouraging it is for us to notice your growing presence on the other side of our screen. This shows us how you tend to appreciate our state of mind and also illustrates the existence of a real need as far as the centers of interests that we have in common are concerned. As if, and despite the availability of ever more performing tools, we (the media) had ironically forgotten to provide them with the subsequent content in the mean time… As if they (the system and many of our colleagues which have let themselves goin’ under its control) had decided to increase their power on us (the individuals) while limiting the info on itself to its strict minimum, when not censoring a whole bunch of it!

Some of you might think that – once more – we’ve gone under paranoia. But once again, what about this current said modern world we’re livin’ in, providing us with an uninterrupted flow of infos on a 24/7 basis with no real development??? Not to say (indepth) explanations, so that it could eventually allow us to avoid reproducing the same mistakes from a year/a decade (if not a century) to another??? This stands as nothing but disinformation resulting in misunderstanding because of miseducation, and God knows what this kind of situation has happened to generate on many parts of the world along with time. From Roman emperor Julius Ceasar’s famous quote “Panem et circenses” (bred and circus) to Dr Goebbels’s Nazi propaganda. Not to mention the latest forms of TV reality shows putting a vast majority of us in the position of viewers as opposed to being the actors of our own lives!!!

Tommy the Hip-Hop Clown (aka Thomas Johnson) is credited with starting clowning an offshoot of Hip-Hop dance (firmly associated with the Krump dance: Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise) that could easily have been dismissed as a childlike novelty. In the aftermath of the 1992 Rodney King riots, Tommy, a reformed drug dealer, decided to put on a clown suit, crank up the Hip-Hop, and bring some joy to his neighborhood in South Central, Los Angeles, which had been ravaged by fires, looting, and violence. What began as entertainment for children’s birthday parties soon grew into an academy where neighborhood youth could learn how to dance freestyle while donning clown make-up rather than gang colors!
You’d think that dressing up like a clown and dancing would get most high school kids ridiculed by their peers, if not beat up by the cool kids. But clowning took on such cache in the neighborhood that it acquired privileged status. Tommy started Battle Zone, a competition where different clown groups could battle one another for the top clowning distinction. The groups multiplied and allowed for the development of unique styles and family-like connections among the members. If you were part of a clown crew, the gangs would leave you alone…

Once again, let us stop postponing to tomorrow what we gotta do now! As a matter of fact, rather than following the trends and being placed under an unceasing flow of M.O.R. things, let us focus on what’s fundamental and positive. In other words, go ahead on the search of our own truth and the fulfilling of our hopes and dreams. E-Z to say but not impossible to do though, as notoriously demonstrated back in the day by L.A. South Central reformed drug dealer Thomas Johnson, better known as the Hip-Hop Clown. A Man who, despite coming out of hell and livin’ in an unsecured environment, would get joy and pride back to a whole generation of youngsters, bringing them to freestyle dance melted with clown make up (sometimes close to the ancestral African forms of the likes) as opposed to the usual gang colors of the surroundings…

As a matter of fact, History would probably not be the same without the ones who’ve refused what to many appeared as a fatality, meanwhile fighting for the recognition of their identity and the survival of their beliefs. They deserve our absolute respect and we mustn’t miss the opportunity to bless them, as they’ve shown the whole humanity how nothing is impossible…

Once again, let’s stop leavin’ ourselves into the hands of that current fuss around tryin’ to nothing but get our minds made up with fake! Let’s get rid of the too many wank**s around polluting us with the usual crap from a day/week/year… decade!?! to another.

We pretty well know how this is one of the reasons of you comin’ here as you can pretty well be assured havin’ us keepin’ on that direction while givin’ the maximum amount of support to everyone but these showin’ us what we believe to be the right way.

Nothing is impossible!

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