Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Politics Of Dancing (vol. 21): Today's headline, tomorrow's fish n chips paper!

fish n chips paperCould it be that the proper of things is to finally have become like a never ending one to another process, with each of them disappearing as quickly as they’ve been brought to our attention??? Of course, the evolution of the technology has allowed the supposed info to be spread instantly, as opposed to a period when, not so long ago, this would have taken months. With the downside of it (as there’s always one) seeing its impact reduced to – I know, I’m pushin’ it to the limit – a comparable level to the most ordinary things in life such as, say ‘I’m currently at the loo’, by the time applications helped spreading this before Facebook realized this was maybe goin’ too far!!! But the fact is: what do we all remember from a certain period of time at the end?
Mind you, the information has just become a product like any other and therefore being given the same consideration/treatment, with the direct consequence being the reduction of its lifespan. Something that the Brits with their usual sense of humor, when not sarcasm, would translate as: “Today’s headlines will wrap tomorrow’s fish and chips”. And suffice to have a look at TV news channel to see how a reputedly capital info may end up being overshadowed, with our attention caught up by their news tickers and Marquee texts goin’ all over our screens.
Well, “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”, says another French proverb in substance, but what if tomorrow and the other day are about the same, the way it has become along with time??? I suppose this is pretty much where, like it or not, we’re all at nowadays, being continuously brought to headlines and a little excerpt but nothing more, with all of us reputedly aware of many things, although left without the real and I would tend to think the necessary indepth for a better understanding. This creatin’ like a boulevard to speculations and unfunded reactions/comments of all sorts until the next subject comes! And the fact, to a way more humble perspective, that we at iDMW, run our site on an almost daily basis is just another consequence of the current times being what they are…
To be a bit more down to earth as far as our reason being is concerned, its takes reputedly from 4 to 6 months to establish a single in the charts, when an average two week presence on radio airplay seems almost like an exploit, as recently reported to me by a long time friend of mine who happens to be a promoter. No wonder why then, on such circumstances, the record companies have ceased investing/working on artist development, obviously preferring working on advertising campaigns whenever they do so, with, as a result, countless worth the check/listen pieces of music left in a no listener’s land! With the same applying to eventually way more important subjects, such as these Nigerian young girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. And if chances are great you might remember about the slogan – #BringBackOurGirls – that surfaced as a reaction on Twitter back in the day, how many of us could tell that this happened something like 200 days + ago already (that 11 of theirs parents have since died in the fighting), as sadly recalled 100 days after back then by The Brixton House Wife in her blog??? And the list seems endless, from the victims of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft that got shot in Ukraine to the accident of Michael Schumacher which left him in the tragic condition we know and happened a year ago already…

As a little game I kindly invite you to play, open a new window on Facebook and do the same with Twitter while clicking on #Discover or #Home, get back to reading this article from the beginning and let me know about the amount of notifications you’ve received by the time you’ve finished readin’ this. Deal???

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