Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Politics Of Dancing (vol. 23) – Love each other!

Love each otherTo the ones who would be tempted to argue that getting into politics isn’t what one might precisely expect from a reputedly music-dedicated site, I regret to say I strongly disagree. I do so, as I consider it as an absolute duty – whichever our expression field may be – to react against whatever may appear as an attempt against the universal principles of life, as recalled by African poetess Ruth Brodrick on her blog. The latter being nothing but Love & Respect despite our differences, be they ethnic, cultural, religious or else!

History should have widely taught us as to what the periods of obscurantism humanity has gone through have brought. Be we Black, White, Asian… “Blue, Pink, Green”, eventually said the late Bob Marley, there’s an innerside with joy and pain, with happiness and sufferings on each of us, with the color of blood being the same for each of us when we cut ourselves.

Of course, “To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain, and to try is to risk failure. But risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing”, also said Marley. Besides, chances are greater to receive a smile in return when addressing one to someone in the streets than offering some inexpressive face, huh? Just as chances are greater to enrich ourselves when opening ourselves to others than when remaining stuck on certitudes based on preconceived ideas most likely inherited from our respective environments…

More than ever, the need to behave everyday in natural acceptance and respect of the differences while forgetting about our egos stands as the only response facing the regular temptation(s) to blame the minorities in times of crisis, as shown once more nowadays at the four corners of the globe.

“Music (reputedly) soothes the soul”, says a famous French proverb, but what would it be without words and, even more, without acts? Just like Love, being used on so many occasions as a statement, although so rarely demonstrated in comparison, don’t you (all) think?

Leavin’ you with these timeless lyrics by the likes of my long time friend Josh Milan on his collab alongside Japanese producer Yukihiro Fukutomi some 12 years ago already…

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6 Comments on The Politics Of Dancing (vol. 23) – Love each other!

  1. An exceptional echo Indamixworldwide, I loved the way you mixed up all the elements in bid of trashing the issues at hand, ‘love, joy, music’? No doubt are our escape, and nice track by the way…

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE….and can never get enough of the Marley quotes! And of course, I agree…music and politics are deeply intertwined, if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will find a message in the music. Much love and ONE love!! 🙂

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