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The Politics Of Dancing (vol. 24): Give diversity a home!

The Politics Of Dancing (vol. 24): Give diversity a home!
Dear media and record execs,
I’m addressing these few lines to you with the wish they will reach your attention, at a period reputedly propitious for good resolutions.
Far from me the idea of denying the necessity which is yours to be getting a fair return on your investments. With this in mind though, I can’t help myself feeling less and less comfy with the way you’ve contributed fragmenting music from a year to another, reducing it nowadays to a handful of generic insignificant terms where I hardly recognize myself…
Where the hell has gone what would be for much in your recognition back in the day? In other words, what contributed to establish your positioning, makin’ you apart from your competitors, with this getting us to become your fans/listeners/readers? What has ended up deciding you to operate what’s nothing but a leveling downwards while searching for the reputedly bigger common denominator, and even more nowadays along with the globalization of our environment???
I could eventually understand, should the economical context regarding music be positive. Alas, reality tends to tell us how it’s far from being the case, like it or not!

Believing that music is just a product like any other is just like one of these short term view things, as compared to artist development which would be for way more synonymous with financial health for everybody back in the day. Whatever can we (the crowd) think when seeing artists in an already weakened situation since the arrival of the digitalization having to pay to have their music played on radio stations? What can we (the crowd) think knowing music played on radio stations is selected by a committee of tradesmen as opposed to an artistic director like say the late Frankie Crocker back in the day on WBLS??? What can we (the fans) think when being reported that House Music for instance doesn’t get any airplay Stateside based on the fact that it’s hailing from the supposedly Black Gay community?

Life’s what we make it, and I gotta say that I don’t like that way you made it for so long already, leading us to the situation in which we are nowadays, under the domination of an ever growing uniformization and therefore killing what makes to excitement and appeal to listen to music – diversity – in the name of some forgone formats!!!
This to me is nothing but blackmail at the end, where everything is done to get to artists into a game which has turned into a suicidal process judging by the music sales, unless being left with no home and therefore no support, with the same applying to the annual award ceremonies, letting so many real talents aside because of the absence of appropriate labels, as opposed to cinema for instance where each category gets its award.

So in the period that sees many of us thinking about good resolutions to start the New Year, I’m humbly beggin’ your attention to reconsider things in such a way that talents end up getting the exposure and recognition they deserve, as there’s nothing more exciting than artists blessing us with their creativity day after day. And don’t forget: jack to the sound of the underground!

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  1. !!! Bravo Frederic!! Do you know how many folks you speak for State-side who hold out from ‘offending’ the ‘industry’ yet are in total agreement with you? Blackmail it is for sure.Recent exposures at Sony due to unknown hackers showed how an un-expected event can disrupt the comfortable exec entertainment suites. We hope they embrace your friendly nudge. Happy Holidays!!

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