Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Politics Of Dancing (Vol. 5) – Stronger Together!

The Politics Of Dancing (Vol.5) - Stronger Together!The goal of this series is certainly not to divide ourselves, but contrary have us all thinking as to the why, the how and whatsoever explaining the obvious lack of impact of our scene, despite the existence of undeniable talents, and countless initiatives hailing from all over the world geared towards its recognition…

History (once again) tells us how there are about two sorts of people. The ones who, on one hand, want, then find the means. And on the other, those who, not wanting, always seem to find excuses for themselves. Lack of time, money, earnestness, self confidence, language barrier, if not manners at times! The list looks like endless, but the result remains the same, eventually followed by regrets on a more or less short term. As a matter of fact, how many of these situations we’re up to deplore collectively speaking are the result of individual renunciations, themselves coming from personal interrogations such as ‘what is it worth?’ even though we’re in the position to decide at the precise time. The right of vote, being an obvious example… But also and as far as we’re more particularly concerned here, the opportunity to communicate in an environment marked by the existence of ever more performing tools…

‘Wer will der kann’ (‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’) says a famous German proverb, in addition to many others such as ‘Give yourself some help and the sky will add to it’… Once again, let’s stop thinkin’ things happen the way we see them appearing nowadays. In other words: from a simple… click, as they are on most cases the result of hard work being itself the price to pay to establish oneself a name.

Singing stuff like ‘Love each other’ may be a thing, but acting so is a far different one. Differently said, what we aspire to, what we love, we gotta support it by any means necessary, and not only with single words, but based on real acts.

C’mon, no need to have a look far away to know what the weapons of massive destruction are (and have always been)… Ignorance, individualism, selfishness to name but a few, being the way – consciously or not – we act upon, for a big majority of us, are as many attempts made to our life quality and also to the community we pretend to be a part of. And in regards to the latter, a quick reminder of the Latin origins of its prefix (‘com’, coming from ‘cum’ which means ‘with’) suffices to suggest the existence of a supposed relation (a real support) that goes on both senses, meaning that should we aim to be receiving (regardless who we are), we first gotta get ourselves in the position to give. After all, we’re all in this together, aren’t we?

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