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The System – You Are In My System

Classics: The System – You Are In My System (Mirage)
Raleigh, NC-born Mic Murphy, who relocated to Queens, NY at a young age, quickly found himself an advocate of the MIDI music technology. An inclination that would be for much on the sound he and his partner (David Frank) developped by the beginning of the 80′.
They met by the time Murphy was Funk band Kleeer‘s road manager. They made an immediate impact with their debut-LP – ‘Sweat’ released back in 1982. And more precisely its leading single: the synth Funk led ‘You Are In My System’. A cut soon after given a brilliant cover version by the late Robert Palmer.

One of their signature jams along with ‘The Pleasure Seekers’, ‘This Is For You’ and ‘Don’t Disturb This Groove’

Vocalist / guitarist / songwriter Mic Murphy and keyboardist / songwriter David Frank joined forces to form The System in the early 80’s. Their synth-driven R&B sound is often referred as Electro-Soul. They recorded their first song, ‘It’s Passion’ while touring along with Kleeer back in 1981. Their debut-album – ‘Sweat’ followed the year after. It featured the memorable ‘You Are In My System’, later on covered by Robert Palmer.

Further success occured in 1985 with the release of their third album, ‘The Pleasure Seekers’. Its title track was featured in the season-two premiere episode of famous NBC cop TV show ‘Miami Vice’. Other worth the check gems include the outstanding ‘This Is For You’ and ‘It Takes Two’.
Murphy and Frank also collaborated with Jeff Lorber on his ‘Step By Step’ album the same year.

They scored their biggest hit in 1987 with ‘Don’t Disturb The Groove’, from the album of the same name. They would part ways two years later though, after releasing their ‘Rhythm & Romance’ album which sadly flopped.

Mic Murphy is also remembered as a member of Sass.

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