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Too Deep feat. Zhana – Love and Understanding

Lost but lot least! Too Deep feat. Zhana – Love and Understanding (Matty’s Blues Dub) (Sub-Urban)

If ever typin’ ‘Love and Understanding’ on Google, then the first name to appear on the list will be the one of Cher. Further way, and you’ll see the ones of Nick Lowe, Jon Anderson and Kool & The Gang. But nothing about Too Deep. Then if you search for Too Deep, that’ll be pretty much the same. With no more success whenever selecting ‘videos’. I eventually stopped at page 30 under the threat of a headache! In order to be more successful, then you would have to type ‘Too Deep Zhana’. But who would do this nowadays? And even more regarding an act who only got one release – ‘Love and Understanding’ – under this name ¨spelling) back in 1998!!!

Quite sad though in regards to its absolute beauty. In the vein of Eric Kupper presents K-Scope‘s classic ‘Latin Blues Pt. 1’ and Jihad Muhammad‘s ‘Illusions’ almost 20 years after. With some hypnotic construction around James Preston‘s stellar organ part and the sultry vocals of Zhana Saunders.

‘Love and Understanding’ stands to me among the best releases ever on Tommy Musto‘s Sub-Urban label. An absolute must in terms of atmospherism with mixing work courtesy of Matthias Heilbronn on its dub version. Its vocal version is also pretty much worth the listen…

Missed it back then, check it out and let us know what you think…

Download from Traxsource.

With only one release as Too Deep – ‘Love And Understanding’ back in 1998 – one might think there’s not much to say about them. This is quite true. Although only at first sight when referring to the identity of their protagonists.

On one hand, we have Germany native Matthias Heilbronn whose name is synonymous with some of the best pieces of music one may think of in the history of House Music. Be they productions like ‘Love and Understanding’ as Too Deep and ‘Keep On Moving’ as The II Deep Allstars or ‘That Girl’ under his own name. But also remixes. From Abstract Truth‘s ‘We Had A Thing’ to Big Muff’s ‘My Funny Valentine’ along with François K. Not to mention Chichi Peralta‘s ‘Un Dia Mas’ or Chaka Khan & Mary J Blidge‘s ‘Disrespectful’ to name but a very few.

On the other hand, we would find James Preston. A multi-talented artist whose client list looks like an A to Z of contemporary music. A session musician, a producer and eventually a singer when not a remixer, he has collaborated with luminaries such as Babyface or Me’Shell NDegéOcello. But also Seal, Shanice and Lil’ Louis. Not to mention Todd Terry and Roger S. Meanwhile buildin’ up a long time collaboration with Matthias Heilbronn.
One could also find traces of him along with Incognito (‘Givin’ It Up’), Masters At Work, Janet Jackson or Blue 6 (‘Sweeter Love’). Not to mention Big Muff”s ‘My Funny Valentine’ or Abstract Truth‘s ‘We Had A Thing’ among many others.

Heilbronn and Preston eventually reappeared as The II Deep Allstars back in 2001, successively with ‘Keep Moving’ and a cover version of Eden Ahbez‘s classic ‘Nature Boy’

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