Friday, August 18, 2017

Typesun – Make It Right (DBA Dubs)

Dealin’ with as to how Internet is working (from the use of social networks to the running of a website) may to many of us be synonymous with nightmares at times. But thank God, the latter can also be the source of exciting discoveries for those inclined to do research. Which is exactly how I came to discover this incredible piece of music, while incidentally being brought to a website named stampthewax an a review of the aforementioned by the likes of Henry Murray
He wrote: “Some of the finer joys of house music are based around the perfect loop. A musical idea so attractive that having it go round and round for eight minutes can still not be enough. Much dance music in the last 20 years has been based around this concept but, occasionally, a producer comes along who disregards the loop in order to compose.”
Well, putting the things in a different perspective, I would be tempted to say that what makes a big majority of said House Music (more widely Dance Music) so boring is its construction around a loop that seems to be quite continuous. This translating
the poor education both technologically and musically of a whole bunch of said producers who do nothing but pollute the environment, contributing to seriously discredit the genre…
This being said,  I’d rather tend to see it as the vision of a drummer, producer and songwriter – Luke Harney, aka Typesun – who, obviously havin’ his feet on Jazz/Funk, has given it a nowadays translation, using today’s tools – Electronic – to set it as the rhythm pattern of a fascinating cinematic travelling with live musicians responding to each other from so to say a sequence / an act to another.

Hard to not make the connection with Faze Action with the entry of strings lines courtesy of Juliet McCarthy and Lu Jeffery, followed by a vibrant keyboard part by the likes of Dan Moore bringing a bit of melancholy to the whole spiced up with congas left c/o Lisa Sheridan. MOBO-award winning jazz quartet Empirical’s Lewis Wright getting us deeper way on his vibraphone.
This groovy jam which also features Jeff Spencer on bass and Miles James on guitar stands in the tradition of UK’s absolute know how in terms of live togetherness as illustrated by groups such as Incognito, RSL or The Haggis Horn.
Besides, let’s not forget that Acid Jazz was born in Britain…

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