Sat. Nov. 17, 2018

Vicky D – This Beat Is Mine (SAM Records)

This Beat Is Mine! (*) Vicky D – This Beat Is Mine (SAM Records)

I couldn’t help thinkin’ of this classic which I used to listen back in the day on WBLS when comin’ to this site. Therefore givin’ me the feeling I know where you’re comin’ from. And even more since I heard Louie Vega‘s remix of it.

Not that I don’t like his work though. But nothing could beat an original, I suppose, for those who, like me, happened to be a contemporary to it, with all the souvenirs such a situation may suggest. This was the time when incredible music seemed to be comin’ from everywhere. The time when, once after havin’ listened to a piece of music on the radio, you felt like in the need of getting it at the closest record shop to your door. Besides, if unfamiliar with this NYC-based label, give it a check on a place like Discogs to make yourselves a better idea as to what I’m talkin’ about. No idea as to what Vicky D has ever done since.

Not too late to wish you a Happy New Year and address my bigs ups to the IDMW team for your musical choice, including the new jams around. Peace y’all…

This Beat Is MineThis Beat Is Mine! (*)
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With warm thanks to Newark, NJ-based correspondent, Dwayne Alexander, for this week’s suggestion…

Gladly welcoming yours to be published next Wednesday. On your marks!

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