Wed. Jan. 24, 2018

Video interview: The Martinez Brothers

The Martinez BrothersThe fourth and last in the series of video interviews we managed to co-produce alongside back in the day. Welcoming Dennis Ferrer‘s proteges The Martinez Brothers on their first trip to Paris!

2007… A French TV cameraman by the likes of Ludovic Marcellin hit me on my cell to let me know about the project he had to put together video interviews featuring DJ’s/producers booked at Paris’s club Le Djoon, inviting me to be in the driver’s seat for this. An exercise that would stand much as a challenge for me, rather accustomed to do so for magazines and eventually radio stations.
On top of that, and because of the presence of only a cameraman for obvious production costs, I would have to come up for another round after the interview. Then repeat my questions in front of an empty chair in order to do necessary extra takes before putting the whole together!

The exercise would be kinda different though. This time conceived as a travelling in the streets of Paris as opposed to the others in the series. From Karizma to Kevin Hedge. Not to mention Louie Vega. Under sequences in various locations. Beginning with Betino’s Record Shop. With newcomers The Martinez Brothers, talkin’ about their influences. But also their approach of music at an early age back at the time. This along with their dad – a Paradise Garage fan back then – who accompanied them…

Video interview: The Martinez Brothers – In the beginning…

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