Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Vinzerrelli – Skate Dancer (PanBro)

Most Wanted! Vinzerrelli – Skate Dancer (PanBro)

Happy are the ones who, just like yours truly, got introduced to this obscure Underground Disco 12″ right on time, back in the day…

After all this time, I suppose my ears got captivated by this brilliantly constructed funky groove for various reasons. Its rumblin’ bassline and insane percussion would be for much on this. But even more, its synth line reminding of those equally sought after productions by the likes of Patrick Adams. Be it Cloud One‘s ‘Atmosphere Strut’ or Bumblebee Unlimited‘s ‘Everybody Dance’.

Just like The Hollies‘ ‘Draggin’ My Heels’, ‘Skate Dancer’ got extra recognition more than 20 years after. With thanks to Dimitri from Paris and Joey Negro for including it on their ‘Kings Of Disco’ compilation. A package which, from then, arouse the keen interest of a whole bunch or rare groove chasers from all over the globe. With, as a direct result, some US$ 500+ required to get a mint copy of it on eBay!

No explicit credit on the label and not a single info about the man… A fact which has probably added a lot to the fantasy around this one off by the likes of Vinzerrelli

A one-sided 45 RPM acetate of the aforementioned also got released. It doesn’t feature the spacey synth lines though as the artist has replaced them with extra vocal parts.
There, you could see the name of its producer mentioned on the white sleeve. Peter Warner, remembered for his contributions on Peter Brown‘s Golden Flamingo label. A man responsible for both ‘Kessler’ and ‘We Are People Two’, respectively for Turn Up Your Radio and Master Jay in 1980 and 1982.

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

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